Google Partner Status: June 2020

Transparency, Exclusivity & Support for Google Ad Partners

20 Feb, 2020, Chris Franco

Google is updating it’s terms for digital marketing agencies to claim Google Partner Status at the end of June 2020.

This means that the criteria and requirements for agencies to display their partner badge and benefits is getting more difficult to attain.

Some of the perks for local business in jersey include industry insights, a dedicated agency partner at Google, to assist with account optimisation and some of newest Google Ad features and more.

According to independant and their own surveys, Google Advertisers indicated that they wanted more transparency, exclusivity and support and this is what Google plans to provide to their partnered agencies.

iPOP clients that employ our digital marketers to manage their Google Ad accounts benefit from our weekly, open conversations with Google Ads Specialists where we optimise for your wider business goals and not just ‘conversions’. Our aim is to support your marketing and advertising online using some of the best tools that we know.

We have years of experience creating these ads for you, whether it be search, display advertising, Youtube or Gmail, we're here to support your business and help your business grow. Our track record of getting results is demonstrated by our new and improved Google Partner Status which you can see on our website

Please get in touch with for more information about Google Ads and how they could benefit your business.

If you’d like to see the new criteria, here is the table from the Google Support pages.