Tools and tips for remote working in Jersey

20 Mar, 2020, iPOP Digital

We’re a creative bunch at the best of times and one thing we’ve not been short of over the past few days is ideas to help our clients.

With the changing times, we thought we’d give you an insight into some of the cloud tools we are all using on both desktop and Mobile App to keep collaboration between team members sharp, whilst ensuring our workflow isn’t disrupted and operating a business as usual policy for our clients.

Here’s some useful hints, tips and tools that may boost your productivity when working from home:

Home get-up

Make sure that your workspace at work is ergonomic and set up for your personal work needs. Try and mirror your desk-space at work if you can. Set yourself real work hours, create your to-do lists and dress for success - you may laugh but recent studies have shown that this does have an effect on your productivity.

Avoid lessons from Loose Women

working remotely can have its ups and downs, your wellbeing and mental health can take a turn and not having your team around you to learn from every day can be daunting … but fear not!

Many online platforms that we use at iPOP are available to everyone and are super useful - here are some of our favourite FREE & Freemium communication tools for working from home;

Project your productivity

Your projects do not have to come to a screaming halt, in fact, this could be an opportunity to revisit the way you work and actually improve how you and your team deliver projects. No matter the industry or size of the project these tools are easy enough to set up and use. Some provide a free service whereas others offer a paid service.

  • Google Drive - Docs, Sheets Slides. Forms and more (Absolutely Free)
  • Sprout Social - Social Media Planning, Listening and Reporting (Paid subscription)
  • Monday - Pay per group of users - from £35 per month for 5 users.
  • Zoho - Free trial available - from $50 per year for up to 6 users.
  • Trello - Free

Finally, don't socially distance your business! In fact, do the exact opposite and increase your social presence. Share your story, promote your brand and become a familiar face to the millions of online users that are guaranteed to be scrolling during this time.

Our team has been working around the clock to ensure all of our customers are being provided with the additional online and digital support that they need. We've been building private online areas for employees, designing bespoke log-in areas for teachers and students to access work and distributing e-mailers to our clients' customers.

Our aim - to help all sectors make digital their strength.

Stay safe, stay well, stay connected